Zach Finkelstein ,tenor accused of  false accusations against        International Voice Competition        Boris Martinovich and the organizers!

By Zaharian Johnson

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Diane & Boris Martinovich (photo taken from a private family archive)












Two days ago, accusations began circulating in the media against Diane and Boris Martinovic for organizing International Voice Competition Boris Martinovich-online competition for solo singers.


The accusations came from a certain Zach Filkenstein. The Competition Team is accused of putting fake contestants on their competition web-page, who later claimed they did not apply at all.


Filkenstein with a group of young American singers are putting pressure on the members of the jury to leave the competition, threatening the organizers to close the competition and ''if they not close the competition it will be even worse for them'', ridiculing the competitors who applied via social networks etc.

                                                                         Yesterday, Filkenstein continued to insult Mr. Martinovich accusing him of ,                                                                                   allegedly,establishing contacts with young singer and threatening him. The                                                                                     organizers of the competition are receiving threatening emails every day to                                                                                   close  the competition. What is behind this? Whether the competition is fake or                                                                             this is  a conspiracy against the competition and these great artists in order to                                                                              destroy one, according to many, innovative, world and exceptional competition,                                                                             we talked  to Mrs.Diane Martinovich, the director of the competition.

                                                                           1.Mrs. Martinovich, you and your husband are the leading personas of the                                                                                       International Voice Competition Boris Martinovich. Your competition is a                                                                                         unique one. You are promoting each contestant publicaly, you have very                                                                                             attracive prizes, you managed to attract very good singers from all over the                                                                                       world,however two days ago someone posted very disturbing information                                                                                         about   your competition. What is going on?  


DM:International Online Voice Competition Boris Martinovich was named by my husband Boris Martinovich,who is world famous american and croatian opera singer. Our mission was to connect talented singers with artists managers and agents,to provide them career development,auditions and job opportunities,-to connect voice students with Universities all around the world,to promote singers,to promote voice teachers,to promote schools,universities ,agencies and opera companies,to promote artists. We were and are very much satisfied with the number of people,contestants and audience. However, someone has a major problem with that.                                










safe_image (1).jpg

On Monday ,me and my team members received emails from someone called Zach Filkenstein and several different anonymous people. All emails came at the same time to me and to my Team members. In those emails those people were accusing us that we have published online profiles of the singers who did not apply for our competition. Zach Filkenstein wrote me an email accusing me that I posted scam materials of the contestants who didn't apply and told me he would give me 48 hours until publishing it. My assistant Mrs.Watt replied to him that we have no information about the scam contestants,and that we will make an investigation and check all the contestants and get back to him as soon as possible. Which we did.Finkelstein didn't answer back,but he did publish his scam accusations in less than an hour. At the same time a group of young people-americans- started to post his blog all over the internet. In his second blog post Finkenstein accused me and my husband that we did not gave him any comment about the event. Which was a lie too,because my assistant did write him an E-mail before he even started his public tarnishing of our names.

Apparently,we are dealing with a person who is ,apparently, a liar, person with no moral,no decency.Person who is seaking for some media attention,because he can't get that attention by singing or by doing some great work. I truly feel sorry for him.


Picture above is Email sent by Zack Filkenstein to the Competition Team.Within email is his statement that he is waiting for the comment and he will publish his article within 48 hours. 

My assistant was writing him back in my name (picture below),telling him that we will investigate the whole case.However, he published his false accusations a few hours later and he and his friends started to post it all over the internet,abusing our Jury members (specialy Denice Graves Montgomery) ,our contestants,the audience etc.

In his second blog post Filkenstein told that he never got any statement from us. Well, you can see from our emails that was another lie. He tried to delete these messages,and he did,but we manage to restore them. Another proof that we are facing apparently a big liar here.


At the same time they Zach Filkestein and his people started to abuse our Jury members sending them tons of scam material claiming that we are running scam competition,trying to create a scandal and destroy the competition.Denyce Graves,our member of the Jury told us how they are abusig her by sending her all kinds of posts fom all sides,claiming that our competition is scam. Filkenstein  also accused us that we didn't invite Denyce Graves as our Jury member,and that we posted her as our Jury member without her knowledge,which was not the truth.Denyce and Boris know each other for a long time.Boris called Denyce in October this year asking her to be in the Jury and Mrs.Graves accepted. We have proof of these messages which will be presented on court,because our team of International Lawyers is already working on pressing charges against Zach Filkenstein and his associates for conspiracy and several other criminal actions against me and Boris Martinovich.

2. Why International Team of lawyers?

There are indicators that some people outside the US were invold in this conspiracy too.

2.In his article Finkelnstein provided images of artists who stated that they never participated in the competition and had never sent in materials ((such as Melanie Spector , José Cardenas etc) .What is your comment about this?


DM:We have received application emails from the artists who are now claiming they didn't apply. I am sending you an example ,while the rest of them will be presented in court as evidence of conspiracy. Our job is to receive applications and applicants material and create their profile in order to promote them online,which was part of the mission of the competition. And this is what we have done. Suddenly ,Filkestein gathered several singers who claims they did not apply. Well,we have Emails stating they did. This is really strange situations and indicates conspiracy against me and my husband with the mission to destroy us and our competition.Why? I do not know. If those singers didn't send their materials to us, someone did in their name and that is not something that has to do with us.

Application emails from Melanie Spector who claimed she didn't apply and that the Competition is using her material without her consent.


An email where my assistant is trying to schedule a Zoom call  to confirm her identitiy after receiving claims of scam profile.


Application email from Jose Cardenas,who was also named as singer who  ''did not apply'' and our email where we need to confirm their identities by zoom call,after receiving claims of scam profile.


Application email of all the other applicants who were named by Finkelnstein will be presented as the evidence on court.

3.In his second article Filkenstein accused Mrs.Martinovih for contacting and attacking verbaly young singer called Logan Tanner. He even showed Mr.Martinovich's message to him,stating how Mr.Martinovich broke the law and should be convicted?

DM:Filkenstein is misusing information to create scam announcements on his blog. He did that yesterday also in his second blog post when he was quoting my husband's message . He also accused my husband of contacting Logan Tanner ,but the truth was that that man Tanner contacted my husband first and started the communication with him.Filkenstein took a part of their communication and misused it for creating scam accusations against Boris MArtinovich and spread it online. I am sending you proof of a deleted message that is proving Logan contacted my husband first and their further communication. That is why I claimed Filkenstein is apparently a liar and a manipulator. Why is Filkestein doing all of this? Because he is trying to destroy our competition.From these messages you can see that Boris Martinovich was very pulite with this young singer. And from the fact that Filkestein announced in his blog part of that communication,we can conclude that this guy Logan was sent to provoke Mr.Martinovich in order to get a materail that Felkenstein can Misuse in his blog. All of this is very strong evidence of conspiracy.

Yesterday we announced a list of our Semifinalists online. Today we are receiving anonymous messages of someone who has no decency to write his name at least. In this message that person is threatening us that if we continue with our competition,it will be worse for us. I am showing you this message also. Read this message and then think again about the question of conspiracy against my husband Boris Martinovich and myself and the Competition. These are all very strong evidence about the plot . A very strong one.

4.You say that you are pressing charges. What will those charges be specifically?


DM: Zach Filkestien and all the people who are helping him are going to be charged for conspiracy against me and my husband. As you know,conspiracy convictions can result in long prison or jail sentences and expensive fines.That will happen with all other people who are involved with him in this matter.

In his blog posts he is writing some very difficult lies about my husband Boris MArtinovich,me and our competition.He will be prosecuted for tarnishing our reputation with unproven facts. Then we have threatened with the message I sent you, organizing and encouraging the public destruction of our competition etc. There are several accusations that fall under these main one.We have already contacted our lawyers and the evidence that we have are very strong. What I do not understand is why in the name of God would anyone do such a thing he is doing?Is it jealousy or just a lack of public attention? However,it is a criminal act.


I would like to state on my behalf and my husband's : we and our team members have absolutely no responsibility for the material that our applicants are sending to us.We have assumed every singer sends his or her material. We had no idea that we have to investigate every applicant before posting their materials,because we assumed that every applicant is sending their own material,which we still believe is a situation.Our job is to accept it, publish it and promote all the stunning artists that are applying from all around the world.The accusations that we posted scam materials is ridiculous,because why would we do that? We have more than 90 applicants in the first round.For what reason would we post scam applicants?


According to all the facts, abusing the jury members,making fun of contestants who applied, posting insulting and untrue posts about my husband and myself-this is an act of crime of conspiracy against my husband,myself and our competition.This person called Zach Filkestein  who started this, and those young americans who are helping him ,they are really apparently very sad and uninteresting people. I feel sorry for them. However,our Legal team of lawyers has found and is finding strong evidence that Filkenstein is just a pawn.Someone else is paying him and his friends to post these scam accusations and destroy our competition.


There are many rummors starting to come at the surface about alleged ''USA Competition Mafia'' who is detroying everyone who is not in their ''circle'' and under their influence. Me and my husband are free people. Most of the last year we were spending in Europe. We were watching from a distance everything that has been going on in the United States regarding the elections,covid crisis,social riots. I can understand the artists and all the people who are living in the States. Opera Companies and Theaters are closed. They have no work to do. No success. No public attention. No nothing. However ,all of those things are not the excuse of trying to destroy everyone who is trying to do something good for the young people and artists.This what we are going through in the last couple of days is very bad message coming from the USA Artists and Vocal Teachers to the rest of the world,and the message can be interpreted like this:''if we cannot have social life,organize competitions,sing,create art and great things-no one else should! Or in these case if someone else tries,there is Zach Filkenstein and his people to create scandal trying to destroy everything and everyone with his lies.

It is a sad message coming to the world from th USA.

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