International Voice Competition Boris Martinovich-a marathon spectacle of several hours

By Annie Pawitzcky

Opera and artistic couple Diana and Boris Martinovich: "Opera is very popular in the world. We all found ourselves in a reality reminiscent of science fiction movies."


NEW YORK, March 29 (source:Tanjug) - The finals of the big online opera singers competition "International Voice Competition Boris Martinovich" through a virtual studio from New York, organized by the married and artistic couple Diana and Boris Martinovich, was held yesterday, Sunday (March 28) as a marathon spectacle of several hours, and especially for Tanjug, Diana Martinovich points out that it is necessary for the opera to reach greater popularity  all over the world.

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Winner of the big competition "International Voice Competition Boris Martinovich", whose jury is headed by Mr. Boris Martinovich, is the British opera artist Hannah Dobra, who performed among the last competitors in the entire series of performances throughout the day, from noon to evening. The opera soloist from London delighted the expert jury that decided for her from all the other candidates, for which she thanked from the bottom of her heart and was very excited when the winner was announced.

Besides her, the laureate with a special award is Constanza Sousa e Melo from Portugal, who won the most votes of the audience, as many as 8500. The host of the program was Diana Martinovich, a graduated opera singer - master, professor of solo singing, otherwise the organizer and general director of the Competition.

The impression is that opera can be very popular, as is rock and pop music.


"The misconception is that opera is not popular in the world. It is very little in demand in our country, among young people, but that is not the case in all countries of the world ", the artist Diane Martinovich expressed her position to Tanjug.

"I think that it is the task and challenge of the people in charge of opera , and even culture in the countries, to find the answer to the question: why is opera not popular in our country, and what can be done to popularize it?" Says the artist on this topic.

"The state, with the help of people who are placed in leading positions from which they have the power to make changes in society, must have instruments with the 

help that" educate and create "the mentality and cultural profile of the nation. It is the same in music, opera and culture ", she expressed her opinion on the possible progress in the development of opera.


The first round and semifinals of this competition took place via footage in February, with the candidates sending their videos to the Jury, and the finals were then realized live online, through the Virtual Concert Studio of the company 7Arts from New York (USA).

"In the first round of the competition, we had 90 competitors from 19 countries who connected with the help of the Internet and advanced technology," said D.Martinovich. "Organizing an event like this online is much easier and much simpler than it would be to do it live, because you manage and contact the whole world from your office, as is the case with me. Only the Finals required a lot of time, which I personally spent in front of the computer, first in rehearsals with the competitors, which lasted for a whole week before, and then during the Final itself ", revealed the organizer of the event.

Constanza Sousa e Melo (picture left), Boris Martinovich (picture right).


As a guide through this opera marathon, she represented all the candidates - participants, but also the jury, so that each inclusion after the break represented a new beginning, as four episodes that merge into one huge whole. "It was challenging, but also inspiring to realize this project, because I learned a lot of new things when it comes to this type of organization. When you communicate with the whole world, you have the opportunity to learn a lot about the circumstances in which these people live and work there during the corona, and to learn a lot about their cultures, '' Mrs. Martinovich  emphasized.

The I. online International Voice Competition Boris Martinovich was designed according to the scenario that all finalists are divided into four groups, and then that these performances change as if on a conveyor belt in the virtual world before the eyes of the Grand Jury. "I didn't have my favorites, and at the same time they are all my favorites," said Boris Martinovich,American opera singer to Tanjug. "As part of the jury, I had a very difficult task to choose the best singer from a really large number of great singers from all over the world," explained the famous bass baritone.