International Competition Boris Martinovich Team raises charges against Zach Finkelstein and his accomplices for violation of the USA laws of defamation of character, fraudulent misrepresentation and the act of maliciously representing another party’s actions or words and causing damage to a person’s reputation!

By Zaharian Johnson

The drama surrounding the recent false accusations against the Vocal Competition Boris Martinovich seems to be slowly subsiding. But, is that really the case ,what are the consequences after those false accusations and what is the legal punishment for those who launched those false accusations, we talked to Mrs. Christine Watt, Communication Manager of the International Voice Competition Boris Martinovich.

1.Can you tell us briefly what happened recently regarding the allegations about the regularity of the competition where you work as a communications manager? 

CW:The International Voice Competition Boris Martinovich  has been receiving applications since October. After we have recently published the list of the first semifinalists, Zach Finkelstein's text entitled SCAM Competition Boris MArtinovich appeared in the media. Two media sites carried his fals accusations: and Operawire.

2.Was an investigation conducted to prove the irregularity of the competition, before Finkelstein and the other two websites published their allegations?

CW: No, there was no investigation to confirm their allegations.

3.Did any of them contact you or someone from your competition team to comment on these false allegations before they were published?

CW:Finkelstein sent an email to the email of the competition, a few hours before the publication of his text in which he called the competition SCAM COMPETITION. Mrs. Martinovic and I read the email, and she replied to him that we had no information that something like this had happened and that we promised to investigate the case and send him a notice. Finkelstein later wrote a lie in his text that Diane and Boris Martinovich did not respond and commented. Which is not true. He also did not mention anything about the email or Diana Martinovich's promise to investigate the case.

Email communication between Zach Finkelstein and International Voice Competition,a few hours before Finkelstein published his accusations. The investigation showed that Finkelstein tried to delete these emails, which can be seen in the picture.


After we found out that the same claims about  the Competition were published by too, Mrs. Diane Martinovich contacted David Salazar, editor of, and asked him if she can  give a statement. Salazar allowed her to do so. Diana Martinovic gave her written statement with evidence of emails received and evidence of a conspiracy launched against the competition. We have no information whether ever published Mrs. Martinovich's statement with all of the material related to the case, but we did receive information via social media that Finkelstein published in a FB group an email  sent to him by David Salazar, which clearly shows that Salazar is extremely biased in this case. which, as a serious editor of an online magazine working on his reputation, should not be. From the letters Salazar sent to Finkelstein, we might conclude that the two of them are cooperating on these false accusations.

4.Did these false allegations and unverified accusations have consequences for the competition itself?

Yes, they did. When Finkelstein published his post that the competition was scam, and when the operators reported it, verbal attacks began on the competition jury, our partners, sponsors, the competitors were bombarded daily with the text that the competition was illegal. We had to hide all information about the competitors and the jury, as well as the competition itself, in order to protect our competitors and the jury and the competition itself. Every day we receive threatening emails from people who sign with a fake name and surname. insulting everyone involved in the competition, and especially Diane and Boris Martinovich. Our contestants do not feel good and nice. However,the competition goes on and will go one,because we did nothing illegal to have to stop the competition.

5.What are the next steps in this case that the organizing team of the competition will take?

In this case, we are dealing with a violation of the USA laws of  defamation of characterfraudulent misrepresentation and the act of maliciously representing another party’s actions or words and causing damage to a person’s reputation-where the damaged party is International Voice Competition Boris Martinovich and the Martinovich couple. According to the USA Law, defamers may face a wide range of consequences, including fines and even imprisonment.  

Everything that is happening here is very strange and reminiscent of children's play, but the consequences that resulted from this "game" are large and serious for our competition and we will do everything to legally protect ourselves from further attacks and lies.

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