* Due to the Covid-19 responsibility ,we are offering special NANO MASKS for protection from Covid-19 and any kind of viruses or allergies.


This Packadge includes 5 Nano Masks.


Protect your smile with style!

The nano mask from Casada provides reliable protection and also makes you look good. Thanks to the nose clip, it is also ideal for people who wear glasses. Get your face mask now while stocks last.


With essential improvements for optimal protection!

✔️ Functional improvements
✔️ Optimized security
✔️ Increased wearing time & reusability
✔️ Increased comfort
✔️ Modern and attractive design


Breathable, skin-friendly and comfortable
The mask adapts to the shape of the face and offers more space to breathe. All materials used are skin-friendly and are comfortable to wear. The breathing mask can be used safely for up to two years become.


Gentle on the skin - skin-friendly fabric made from pure cotton

Most masks on the market unfortunately use cheap adhesives, which can contain carcinogenic substances and have a strong smell. With our unique sewing technology, we have succeeded in completely eliminating additives! Therefore, the mask has a cotton layer that hugs your face and is completely gentle and harmless!


Reusability & wearing time


Washable up to 20 times

1. Even after being worn several times, the filter efficiency still meets the high European standards.
2. The filtration function of nano-PTFE membranes depends mainly on the physical separation, which can be reused after washing with water or a 75% disinfection with alcohol.


Your Next Steps:
✅Secure the nano face mask now while stocks last.

✅Simply put the product in the shopping cart, complete the ordering process and your orders will be delivered to your home within the next 1-3 days.

✅We send everything to your doorstep. Stay home and relax.

✅If you have any questions, simply contact us by email. We are happy to help! Email: info@euromask24.com


NANO MASK 5 Packadge


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