How to Start Up Your Own Business & Run it Successfuly by Diane Martinovich

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Self-employment though Entrepreneurship is the ultimate form of self-empowerment, and by learning how to create a thriving business, you are getting the key to your freedom to determine your destiny and fulfill your life’s purpose.


In this Book you will learn a proven step-by-step process for:


 Discovering your tribe of ideal clients and conduct market research in your niche  


·        Writing epic marketing copy and know exactly how to sell your product or service  


·        Setting an ideal price based on the true value of what you offer


·        Increasing your revenue by creating new revenue streams  


·        Establishing actionable short and long term goals and the action plans to get you there  


·        Cultivating sustainable motivation that will keep you moving toward your  goals


·        Plus, a bonus section that will teach you how to master your mindset—which is often the biggest thing that holds people back—including your beliefs about money, excuses, procrastination, doubt, and failure.


* Diane Martinovich is an expert in Business Consulting and Life Coaching, NLP Practitioner, Artist ,Manager & Entrepreneur. She is the Owner & CEO of  Life Coaching & Business Consulting Company Diane Martinovich, DM Life & Business Online Magazine, Art Foundation "AllegroNB" and DM Fashion Clothing Brand. She writes articles and books about Business, Leadership,Art,Music & Personal Development. Diane is a member of International Association of Women Entrepreneurs and NATS ( National Association of Teachers of Singing).


How to Start Up Your Own Business & Run It Successfuly

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