Logan Tanner-american countertenor-accused of complicity in false accusations against the foreign competition named after the great world opera singer star Boris Martinovich!

By Zaharian Johnson

Zach Finkelstein,  tenor who has been trying to destroy Boris Martinovich and his singing competition with a group of singers from USA in his second blog post  published several lies AGAIN!  In his blog post, he quoted a message taken from the communication between Boris Martinovich and  Logan Tanner.

After publishing an article about the truth of the competition and false accusations, Logan Tanner deleted these messages.


The question arises, if the accusations against Boris Martinovich  are true, why do those who accused him deleted their messages? Aren't those messages evidence of a crime?

People usually say - once a liar, always a liar.

Does the fact that Zac Finkelstein has been making false claims about Boris Martinovich in his blog means that Finkelstein and his friends are  probably lying about everything?

Judge for your self!

Here is the material!

We are presenting you a blog post that Finkelstein wrote and published recently:


Finkelstein called his post ''an investigative piece''. However ,There are no signes of investigation about this case. All he has been doing is abusing the Jury members and making a pressure on them to step out of the International Voice Competition Boris MArtinovich. He and his associates are making pressure on singers contestants who applied to cancel their participation and ask their application fees back,although the fees are not refundable. 

It is very interesting to say that pressure goes to the American Jury members and American singers applicants ( or singers related to the USA Schools).

During this so called ''investigation'' Finkelstein didn't even try to contact Boris or Diane Martinovich for a comment, although in the email he received from The Competition Team it was clearly written that the Organization Team of the Competition is starting to investigate  what happend. Finkelstein didn't ask International Voice Competition about the results of their investigation, but instead started to publish very serious and,as furhter investigation shows, fals accusation.

Further, Finkelstein continues to write untrue claims in his post.Here is the picture of his blog post (on the right). You can see here that Finkelstein wrote:''Boris Martinovich reached out personally to another singer who posted the Middleclass Artist article to the same Facebook group. After friending the singer, Boris sent them the following message, again referencing a "USA competition" spreading "lies" and threatening legal action''. We called Mr.Martinovich for a comment and this is what we found  out:

Mr. Martinovich doesn't waist his time on searching the interent for some blog posts of a middle class artists blog.It is way below his ''level'' as beeing respected artist and respected person. Mr.Martinovich didn't know who Logan Tanner is. Tanner contacted Mr.Martinovich first,what you are able to see from his messages below. Mr.Martinovich has his assistants who are ussualy running his Social media pages. What Finkelstein stated in his ''investigative article'' has nothing to  do with the investigation nor the truth.Another question arizes: how did Finkelstein knew that Boris Martinovich PERSONALY answered this message? Did he investigate it by contacting Mr.MArtinovich? No he didn't.

What do you think about this? Conspiracy? Hm....

We are presenting you communication between  Logan Tanner and Boris Martinovich's FB Profile.


Logan Tanner contacting Boris MArtinovich first and deleted his message after


We had really hard time of finding any evidence in this conversation of anything illegal or worthy of a lawsuit. And from this whole conversation, Finkelstein pulled out a small part of it in order to misuse it for unfounded attacks on Boris Martinovich.

From all the above, we can conclude that Finkelstein DID and IS lying about most of the things he is writting about the International Voice Competition Boris Martinovich and the Martinovich couple.

It is quite clear that Finkelstein  did not conduct any investigation about the competition and that his aim was to destroy the Competition and the reputation of the Martinovich couple. The question is why? Does he do it alone or  someone pays him to do that ?

Today we found out that Logan Tanner deleted all of his messages from this communication! Another question appears: why did Tanner do that if Finkelstein is telling the truth? Here are deleted messages:


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