Anna Wintour Exclusive Interview :Coronavirus will change the fashion industry FOREVER

Emma Daniels

DM Life & Business Magazine writer

With one of the fashion industry’s most recognisable names, and haircuts, Anna Wintour doesn’t need much of an introduction.

As the editor-in-chief of Vogue, artistic director of Condé Nast and long-rumored inspiration behind The Devil Wears Prada’s inimitable Miranda Priestly (the book was written by Wintour’s former personal assistant, Lauren Weisberger), she’s become a bona fide fashion icon.

We talked with Dame Anna Vintour about Covid crisis , its impact on Fashion Industry and CFDA  Coronavirus Relief Fund For Fashion Industry Workers she set up few month ago.

Did Corona Virus impacted  the Fashion Industry and in what way? 

The coronavirus pandemic has been “catastrophic” for the fashion industry, devastating emerging designers and big retailers alike. 

It’s really giving the industry a pause.I think everybody is rethinking what the fashion industry stands for, what it means, what it should be.Brands and designers will have to rethink what the fashion industry stands for as they scale their production back.


I feel very strongly that when we come out at the other end - which we will do - that people's values are really going to have shifted.





This is an opportunity for all of us to look at our industry and to look at our lives, and to rethink our values, and to really think about the waste, and the amount of money, and consumption, and excess - and I obviously include myself in this - that we have all indulged in and how we really need to rethink what this industry stands for.

Designers and brands will need to pivot their focus and have "more of an emphasis on sustainability... more of an emphasis on luxury, on creativity and on craft".

What is , according to your oppinion , the best solution how to deal with those changes?

Few month ago you announced relief fund for fashion workers?

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has grappled several industries across the globe. This pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and many daily wage workers are paying the cost of the resulted economic crisis. The global fashion industry has taken a hit because of COVID-19 too.

The small businesses, whether you call them luxury or accessible, or whatever it may be, that are simply struggling because they have no sources of revenue coming in.


It is why Vogue and the Council of Fashion Designers of America partnered with Amazon to launch a digital storefront  that features the work of small and medium-sized designers.


Vogue and CFDA in April launched a fundraising effort called “A Common Thread,” which gives grants to those in fashion who are struggling during the pandemic. 


We saw it as an opportunity for the industry ... to help these people and make them understand that there is indeed a future for young creative talent and that they aren’t going to have to close up shop,

A Common Thread is created to raise awareness regarding this issue. It is telling stories about how American designers and their workers and colleagues are coping, how businesses have been affected, what we plan to do to move forward, these stories will go behind the scenes to show everyone who contributes to this creative, vibrant, and incredibly important industry. 


The fund is open for donations for the people in affected in the fashion industry. 

We are approaching Fashion Month, which takes place twice a year in September and February. What should people expect to see?

People should expect to see a much more scaled-down version of the event.

There needs to be a decrease in runway shows and an increased focus on the artistry of fashion rather than lavish events.

It's almost as though we needed this terrible event to make us really understand that it's not about needing to change, We have to change.We are going to change".

What does the Future of Fashion Industry looks like?

 I believe the Covid-19 crisis will alter how people approach fashion in the future, with an eye toward sustainability and the value of what they’re buying, whatever the price point.

I think it’s an opportunity for everybody to slow down, produce less, and really make the world over fall in love with the creativity and passion of fashion,and maybe have a little bit less of an emphasis on things moving so quickly and an emphasis always on what’s new.

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